• A Profile of Dermatologist Dr. Tasso Pappas

  • Posted on April 24, 2018
  • Dr. Tasso Pappas M.D.
    In no way is he content to practice dermatology for patients who come into his office. No, Dr. Tasso Pappas does a lot more than that, as a pillar in the community. For example, he routinely performs reconstructive surgeries for those who have suffered from skin cancer, based on his commitment to doing all he can for his community. In addition to that work, Dr. Pappas has also volunteered to screen for melanoma and other cancers throughout the Twin Cities, where he practices and lives. Dr. Tasso Pappas also has served his community as a volunteer for a tattoo removal program to benefit those who have given up gang participation and the gang life.

    There is no question that Dr. Tasso Pappas loves dermatology. He feels a dermatologist is like being a detective, since most of his work causes him to have to solve difficult health mysteries in order to work out solutions to many serious medical problems. He loves that he gets to care for patients of all ages and types, and not just one or two types and he appreciates how his work seems to make a major difference in the lives of his patients. Looks matter to a lot of people, and he helps patients see themselves as more beautiful.

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